Need Some Inspiration? We Offer Free Design Consultations

Brimming with ideas but not sure where to start? No ideas at all? You will love our new design studio page. Just book a free design consultation at our Stockton showroom with one of our family team and we will sit down together to discuss your space, some signature styles, and identify a perfectly bespoke look for your room - we can even help with the finishing touches, like cosy log baskets and fireside accessories.

Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel stoves allow you to switch between the type of fuel you burn. Their versatility means you can easily light up using the fuel option most convenient for you. We stock a range of big brand multi-fuel stoves and have both contemporary and classic styles to choose from. At Piping Hot Stoves, you’ll discover the perfect multi-fuel option for your home.

  • Fuel Options

    You can heat your home in any way that’s convenient for you, whether it be coal, wood or something else.

  • Charm

    Multi-fuel stoves offer a unique charm appeal and are available in both traditional and modern styles and designs.

  • Energy Consumption

    Fuelled by alternative power means your stove isn’t a drain on your properties energy consumption. 

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Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are one of the most popular stove options in homes. The stoves can easily be controlled and come in a choice of effects such as coal of log. Gas stoves offer the same glow and warmth as any other stove, without the fuss or mess. We have a range of gas stove options to choose from and have something to suit all our customers requirements. 

  • Instant Flame

    With a gas stove you’ll have an instant flame, meaning as soon as you walk into your home you can have your fire roaring.

  • Easy Controls

    Easily control the intensity of the heat and flame with just a touch of a button. Gas stoves offer the ultimate convenience.

  • Stylish Designs

    Our range of gas stoves come in a number of stylish designs and we have something to suit all types of properties.

Wood Burner Stoves

The tradition wood burning stove is highly sought after and with both traditional and modern styles to choose from, it’s easy to see why. With several industry names to choose from, we have a wood burner to suit all needs and budgets. Wood burning stoves offer a beautiful natural look and warmth that’s hard to compete with.

  • Homely Ambience

    Wood burners offer a home ambience and are the heart of any room, they offer a natural look other stoves can’t compete with.

  • Compliment Your Decor

    We offer a range of wood burning stoves that go with any style of property, from old to new we have something for all decors.

  • Heat Output

    One of the biggest advantages of wood burning stoves is they give an exceptional heat output, meaning you’ll benefit from a warm and radiant flow.

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Electric Stoves

Electric stoves come in a range of styles such as modern and traditional. With a realistic look they offer a practical alternative to a wood burning stove. The authenticity of an electric stove will give the same wow appeal that any other stove does. At Piping Hot Stoves, we have a selection of electric stove options to choose from.

  • Quick To Fire Up

    Our range of electric stoves are quick to fire up and warm up your room in no time at all; no matter what size it might be.

  • No Mess

    Electric stoves offer no mess and are quick to install too. When you need heat all you need to do is flick a switch.

  • Range of Styles

    We stock a range of leading brands and have a number of contemporary and classic electric stove styles to choose from.

One of the Leading Stove Shops in the North East.

Bring warmth to your home on those cold and bitter nights. Piping Hot Stoves in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, are reputable stove suppliers that offer a variety of stoves and wood burners to suit your needs. A vast selection of accessories is also available to complement your new fire.

Supporting you from concept to completion, you always deal with our family-run business directly. We keep up to date with new models and trades all the time and handpick both traditional and contemporary manufacturers to suit every property’s requirements.

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